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What does Talent Taaltrainingen NL offer?

If you are a beginner and want to get by in the Netherlands, or if you want to really feel at home among the Dutch, we will teach you how to greet your colleagues and how to order a drink in a café. We will also explain why everything is always ‘gezellig’. Or if you are more advanced and want to be able to converse fluently, or if your employer expects you to improve your writing skills so you can send emails in Dutch, we can help you acquire the language skills you need to successfully participate in society and the labour market.
We can also help if you are interested in pursuing your education, for we prepare students for the NT2-I and NT2-II state language exams and the Civic Integration Exam.
For people who speak Dutch we offer a course on written communication that will enable you to perfect your writing skills.

Our approach

We create an informal atmosphere during our lessons so students feel at ease. We know from experience that this is the best and fastest way to learn a language. Our language tutors make sure that their lessons are inspiring, varied and engaging so you learn quickly and effectively. To begin with we place the emphasis on input, so you do a lot of listening. After that the emphasis switches to a great deal of speaking, so you get plenty of practice!

We offer specially tailored lessons based on the following considerations:

• The student’s needs.
• The student’s proficiency in Dutch.
• The student’s language background.
• The student’s learning ability.
• The student’s budget in terms of money and time.

We keep group sizes small so we are able to cater for each student as closely as possible. Private lessons are always specially tailored.

Before you embark on a series of lessons we will arrange an intake session so you can do a language test to determine your proficiency level and discuss your needs and possibilities with the tutor. The tutor will then plan a series of lessons for you.


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