Our language tutors

TalenT Taaltrainingen NL was set up in 2001 by Nicole van Schaijik, who takes care of the coordination and also teaches language courses. She studied Dutch, illustration and art history at the Teacher Training College in Amsterdam. She speaks several languages that she learnt partly in the Netherlands and partly in the country itself. So she finds it easy to identify with her students, who, as well as learning another language, also have to get by in another country.
Nicole van Schaijik specialises in teaching Dutch as a second language and has produced two books that serve as NT2 (teaching Dutch as a second language) teaching materials. Taalpingpong, a book of questions and answers, was published in 2009. Taalpingpong Extra was published in 2010. Both books are published by Uitgeverij Boom. For a complete profile see LinkedIn.

For many years Nicole conducted interviews with expats, inviting them to compare the Netherlands with their country of origin. The results were surprising: the interviewees’ views of the Netherlands differed considerably depending on their native country. You can read the interviews on this website or at Expatica.com where the interviews were originally published.
TalenT Taaltrainingen NL also employs a team of professional language tutors. All of our language tutors have a university or higher professional education degree in Dutch or NT2 (teaching Dutch as a second language) and the most of them are qualified NT2 tutors. They all have more than ten years’ experience of teaching NT2.