Complaints Procedure

Aim and responsibility
1. Talent Taaltrainingen NL will help you learn the Dutch language and improve your language proficiency. We do this in all kinds of ways:
- We advise you on learning resources.
- We explain the subject matter.
- We offer you exercises and assignments.
- We give you feedback on your written and spoken Dutch.

2. The outcome of your learning will depend on your own efforts.
3. If you have any complaints, we ask that you notify us directly. We take complaints very seriously and will seek to resolve your complaint to your satisfaction.

4. Even if your course fees are paid by someone else on your behalf (our indirect client), please let us know if you are dissatisfied and if you have any complaints.

5. At the end of your course we will ask you to fill in an Evaluation Form to let us know what you thought of the course.

6. You may also be approached by an external agency and asked to take part in a customer satisfaction survey.

Written complaints
7. If you notify us of a complaint in writing, we will write to you to confirm receipt of your complaint within two weeks of receiving the complaint. In our letter we will explain:
- How we intend to deal with the complaint.
- How long it will take for the matter to be resolved.

8. We will endeavour to resolve your complaint to your satisfaction within a period of six weeks. We will write to you to inquire whether the matter has been resolved to your satisfaction. Naturally you are free to seek external advice if you have a complaint. However, we do our best to ensure that this is not necessary.

9. Your complaint will be dealt with confidentially and will only be disclosed to a third party with your consent.

10. Complaints that are submitted in writing are kept on record for one year. The record is then destroyed.

Complaints Committee
11. Talent Taaltrainingen NL is a member of a Complaints Committee of independent language tutors. If a written complaint is submitted about one of the language institutes that form the committee, the complaint is forwarded to one of the affiliated members of the committee - with the permission of the person who made the complaint. The member to whom the complaint is forwarded then forms a sub-committee consisting of three persons. The language institute that is the subject of the complaint does not sit on the sub-committee.

12. The decision of the Complaints Committee is binding. This means that Talent Taaltrainingen NL is obliged to abide by the decision.

13. The Complaints Committee of independent language tutors consists of the following persons / institutes:
- Annelies Braams, NedLes
- Ellen Soellaart
- Maaike Kila


14. The Complaints Committee treats all complaints confidentially.15. Complaints that are submitted to the Complaints Committee are kept on record for two years. The record is then destroyed.

Nicole van Schaijik, Talent Taaltrainingen NL, Amsterdam, November 2010