Feedback from clients 

Julie Dawn Trommel:

I can’t say enough positive things about my Dutch lessons with Nicole van Schaijik! I am Canadian and couldn’t speak more than a few words of Dutch when I met her in 2006. But I was enthousiastic to learn and she provided the most comfortable environment for me to learn in. The structure of the lessons and the books that she used were great for my learning style, but what was most unique about Nicole was the way she put me at ease – I didn’t feel embarassed to practise speaking with her and to make mistakes around her. Dutch people were impressed at the speed with which I picked up this language. I believe that it is because of the foundation I built during my time with Nicole and I’m very thankful that I discovered Talent Taaltrainingen NL. 

Gunta Badovska:

I moved from Latvia to the Netherlands five years ago. To begin with I did a few group lessons. Then, after I’d been here 18 months or so, I started having private lessons with Nicole. I was delighted with the lessons, because Nicole really made sure that they were tailored to my needs. I was given exactly what I needed. In fact, Nicole often knew what I needed before I did. We spent a lot of time working on my pronunciation and Nicole also presented me with advanced texts that I could really get my teeth into. By that stage I had reached level B2, but I want to achieve a perfect command of Dutch. I had a lot of time so I asked Nicole to give me plenty of homework and she was happy to oblige!
I now work as a consultant in a fully Dutch working environment.