Interviews with expats

In these interviews expats compare the Netherlands with their country of origin. The results are surprising. The interviewees’ views of the Netherlands differ considerably depending on their native country. An Austrian woman thinks the Dutch are noisy and overbearing whereas a Turkish woman admires their calmness, especially in traffic. The English sometimes feel that the directness of the Dutch is impolite, while a Spanish expat feels that the Dutch are overly polite to the point of being insincere. And while an Irish expat despairs of Dutch bureaucracy, a Russian expat is delighted to find that there is no bureaucracy in the Netherlands... Read the interviews for yourself!


Asa Sarlen from Sweden

David Brunand from France

Rosemary Amato from the United States

Cesar Gomez-Mora from Spain

Inge Korver from Australia

Zuzana Zelinkova from Slovakia

Kevin Jones from Great Brittain

Isabel Brito from Canada

Gunta Badovska from Latvia

Zina Makarov from Russia

Neil Agnew from Ireland

Dina Khosbin from Afghanistan